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A little bit about us

This business started as a hobby. I always have eyes for clothing, art and designs so I immediately fell in love with crocheting. I started making pillow cases, tablemats and blankets with my spare time. Eventually I learned to make clothes for my family and friends. My kids wear it to school some I give to friends as gifts. People start to notice my work and I was advised to share it to social media like Facebook and soon request and orders poured like rain. I gave up my career for so many years ago, since we have our youngest daughter who is special, she have CDKL5 Gene Mutation and Genetic Epilepsy, wheelchair bound too, I decide to forget my own career to have more time in making her life more progressive and convenient.

I have to find ways to help my husband to earn some money that will not mean leaving the house, something that I can manage at home and at the same time it wont affect my time and attention for our daughters needs. The whole family help me to come up with this business. Because I love to crochet, why not making this as a full time business for me. Crochet have to be in next level, make it more current, trendy and more beautiful like accessories and that' s when I came up with the name CROCHETSORIZE.

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